Here is Denmarks benefit of BioMed Israel

By Ilana Krasnik, Head of Team Trade and Innovation, Royal Danish Embassy, Tel Aviv, & Matti Ben-Porat, intern, Team Trade and Innovation.

Foto: Ilana Krasnik / PR

The possibilities the Israeli Life Science industry holds to Danish companies are plenty, as described in a previous article on MedWatch. On the 21st to 23rd of May 2012, a Danish delegation of 18 persons, comprising seven companies and eight research institutions, participated in the 11th annual BioMed conference in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The common denominator for the Danish delegation was the BioDenmark Booth at the conference organized by the Danish Embassy in Tel Aviv with the assistance of The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education of Denmark, and Copenhagen Capacity.

The three days at the shore of the Mediterranean resulted in more than 300 meetings with Israeli and international participants, several collaborations-, commercial agreements-, and Eurostar applications in the making, and an inspired delegation returning to DK with new contacts, visions and ideas.

Thousands of meetings

The BioMed Conference, is a leading international conference for bio- and medtech companies. This year, around 7000 people visited the conference, resulting in more than 3500 one-on-one meetings between leading scientists and universities, well renowned and acknowledged CEO’s, and representatives of small and medium sized enterprises.

The conference in 2012 was the 11th of its kind, and the 6th consecutive year the BioDenmark Booth was there to showcase the participants of the Danish delegation.

One might ask, why opt for the BioDenmark package deal and not just participate in BioMed on your own? There are many reasons. Being a part of the Danish delegation allows you to focus on the important aspects of the conference while the organizers deal with the logistics. You can take advantage of the embassy’s well established network and extensive knowledge about the market.

The BioDenmark Booth, which is manned throughout the conference, and the BioDenmark booklet, containing profiles all of the participants, are showcasing the delegation at all times while the participants are free to explore the many opportunities the conference holds. Finally, this year we introduced with great success a Danish-Swedish-Israeli matchmaking event, organized in cooperation with the Swedish Embassy in Tel. All in all, by participating as part of the Danish delegation, you are provided with the best conditions for fully enjoying the many opportunities the BioMed Conference holds.

Impressive results

From previous years, we know that the participants have achieved impressive results at the conference. One of the more prominent results is the partially EU funded collaboration between Danish BioModics Aps. and the world renowned Weizmann Institute of Science. The aim of the collaboration is to develop a new urinary catheter that does not need to be replaced often and thus reduces the risk of infection significantly.

In the world of Life Science, results take time and it is too early to say what exactly the outcome of this year’s conference is. Though, we can say that the more than 300 meetings did result in many very promising contacts. Most of the participants left Israel expecting to proceed in dialogue with at least two-three companies, some more.

Meabco A/S, Danish company focused on oncology and radiation protection, have already extended their collaboration with the University of Haifa, initiated clinical trials on breast cancer in Israel, and are currently in dialogue with another Danish participant with the looks to establishing collaboration. Ulf Bech Christenen from Pentabase A/S also returned to Denmark with great satisfaction.

"This was the third time PentaBase participated in the BioMed Conference. This year we got even more business out of the conference than previous years. We had the opportunity to discuss the plans and projects that we had agreed and initiated with partners found previous years.

Also, we initiated new projects with existing contacts and found a new customer that is currently testing our products. Furthermore, we agreed with an Israeli company on making a joint EU application primo next year. Finally, we met with some interesting companies and agreed on meeting with them again later this year. So all in all PentaBase really got value for the money and time we spent in Israel", he says.

It shows, that all in all it was a great success. The BioMed Conference is a great place for Danish companies and research institutions to initiate and expand businesses in Israel and abroad. Being part of the Danish Delegation makes it even better.

The success will be repeated next year, and the Embassy is already working on how to enhance the outcome for the Danish Participants. So contact the Danish Embassy in Tel Aviv if you want to come explore the many opportunities of the BioMed Conference and the Israeli Life Science market.

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