Acarix shops abroad for new CEO

Danish medtech company, Acarix, has now found the person to take over as CEO from co-founder and former Coloplast CSO, Peter Samuelsen.
by Stefan Singh Kailay

As of September 1, Stig Visti Andersen is the new CEO of Danish medtech company, Acarix, which is on the verge of launching its so-called CADScor System designed to monitor patients for an increased risk of blood cloths in the heart.

The company – a spin-off from Coloplast – had until yesterday been run by co-founder and former CSO at Coloplast, Peter Samuelsen, who previously told Medwatch that they were on the look-out for a replacement.

“We founders come from the technical side – that is, the developmental side – and, although we have both been involved in marketing processes in the past, we are looking for a candidate with special core competences within that very field,” he told Medwatch at the close of July.

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International profile

And Stig Visti Andersen brings experience within the field, as he comes from a position as head of global marketing and sales in Swiss medtech company, Sensimed. In addition, he was previously CEO of international cardiology in Europe for Eli Lilly.

“Stig’s strong international profile, including experience with sales and marketing within cardiology, as well as his extensive knowledge of the challenges facing newly-formed companies, will provide us with the opportunities to advance the implementation and expansion of our diagnostic equipment, the CADScor System. I am extremely pleased that we have managed to convince Stig to join us with his commercial and operational experience,” says Chairman of the board, Ørn Stuge, in a press release.

Peter Samuelsen will remain at the company at a more withdrawn role, from where he is planning to gradually work his way towards retirement.

“As co-founder, I am very pleased that we have managed to recruit Stig to lead us to the commercial success that we all expect is embedded in the CADScor System,” the now former CEO says.

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- translated by Martin Havtorn Petersen

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