Novo Nordisk tops global top 25 of biotechs

The past year has been a very strong one on the stock market for the world’s leading, listed biotech companies. Read on to see the list of the 25 biotechs with the biggest market caps – a list which also includes a Danish touch in 11th place.
Foto: Colourbox
Foto: Colourbox
by Henrik Tüchsen

The more than 30 years-old news outlet Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) has once again identified the world’s 25 biggest biotech companies – in terms of market cap – based on published share information from the latest quarter. Danish diabetes giant Novo Nordisk tops the list.

In 11th place we find Irish company Shire Pharmaceuticals, which is headed by Dane Flemming Ørnskov.

According to GEN the past year has been a great one for the biotech companies. Many companies have seen double-digit growth rates in their share prices, while only two companies registered a decline in stock prices. Meanwhile, IPO-activity in America is picking up.

See the full list here

- translated by Martin Havtorn Petersen

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