He bites his tongue for no one

A profile to remember: CEO of and partner in NB Capital, Florian Schönharting, spoke to MedWatch about, not just the all-time high return of his investment fund, but also a politically controversial suggestion to let those medical patients that can afford it, pay for the best medicine available. He simply has to comment on misconceptions, he points out.

There must be very few pharmaceuticals on the market that 43-year-old Florian Schönharting does not have knowledge of. For more than 20 years he has been working with investments in the pharmaceutical world, first as Asset Manager in BankInvest Asset Management and later on as founder of and partner in Nordic Biotech, now known as NB Capital, which means that he has seen several conjuncture-turns, made his mistakes – and learned from them.

Through his studies, he earned the title cand.merc. and with outstanding grades at that, just as he, during his time at Business College in Copenhagen, received the “McKinsey & Co award for best-of-year student”. Already during his studies he developed a special interest in the biotech- and pharmaceutical-sector, and consequently he saw it as a unique opportunity when he was asked to manage BankInvests many biotech-millions. It was also during this period that he helped to form the biotech company Genmab and Zealand Pharma, and among the other Danish companies that he has had a share in are Biomarin, Bavarian Nordic, Neurosearch, Pharmexa and Life Cycle Pharma, now known as Veloxis Pharmaceuticals. Today he is, as an article on MedWatch about NB Capital’s new strategy indicates, in a whole other league; backed by billions of dollars, with returns that are through the roof, and he is reaching out to a wide variety of specialists.

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