Fluoguide achieves positive results and prepares for clinical trials

The Danish start-up Fluoguide, that develops solutions to illuminate cancer cells during surgery, achieved positive results in a pre-clinical study and will soon be ready for in-human trials.

Morten Albrechtsen, CEO, Fluoguide. | Foto: Combigene / PR

Danish start-up Fluoguide announces positive data in a new pre-clinical study. The company now prepares for taking its product, FG001, to the clinic.

FG001 is a treatment that makes cancer cells luminous during surgeries to help surgeons remove tumors and - most important - ensure that no cancer cells are left in the body after surgery.

The pre-clinical trial tested FG001 in surgical removal of brain tumors and according to CEO Morten Albrechtsen, Fluoguide achieved the desired result.

"This pre-clinical trial is actually just an extra study. Technically, we didn't need to do more. But it's always nice when it the data are positive and confirm the results we already achieved," he says to MedWatch.

Next step for Fluoguide is to test the product in a clinical in-human trial. The company expects to initiate the study next year and present the first results already in second quarter of 2020.

"It'll be good. Everything depends on this study, so we really look forward to it," says Albrechtsen.

Fluoguide went public in May this year and has a market value of DKK 39 million (USD 5.85 million).

English Edit: Ida Løjmand

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