Coloplast wants to increase market share with tailored ostomy pouches

Coloplast has launched a new ostomy pouch, which is designed for stomachs with hernias or a little extra fat. It is the latest launch in the medico company's venture in ostomy pouches for specific body types that will increase market share. But according to analyst, competitors might spoil the party.

This weekend, Coloplast held a conference for 1,000 doctors and nurses in Copenhagen where the company put focus on its new tailored ostomy pouch. | Foto: Scanpix/Sarah Christine Nørgaard

In 2010, when the 32-year-old Brit Thalia Skye had her colon punctured and subsequently survived a blood poisoning, the consequence was that she would have to wear an ostomy pouch for the rest of her life.

"One of the problems back then was that ostomy pouches were one size fits all. That's fine for people with flat stomachs, but I have a bit of curves, so it could get a little difficult. But I just thought that I had to live with it," says Thalia Skye. Today, Coloplast has hired Thalia Skye to tell her story.

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