Former Lundbeck exec develops portable blood test device

A former executive from Lundbeck has developed a new portable device the size of a matchbox that automatically conducts blood test throughout the course of a day. The device is already used on animals and the next step is testing it on humans at Denmark’s Rigshospitalet.

It was the numerous blood tests that had to be taken at all hours of the day that led the former Lundbeck executive Sten Velschow to consider if an easier solution could be found. As the Head of Lundbeck’s Animal Facilities department, blood tests were a necessary, but troublesome, part of his daily routine.

“The idea came to me when I worked for Lundbeck and we always had to take blood tests at odd hours and in great quantities, which was costly and troublesome,” says the trained veterinarian, who is also founder and CEO of the company Fluisense.

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