“So I called Novo Nordisk and said I wanted to work for them”

Gitte Pedersen’s career began in Novo Nordisk and the Danish drug giant led her to the US, where she is now CEO and co-founder of a diagnostics company in Manhattan – a career that is partly formed by a past peopled by engineers and women’s rights activists.

Foto: PR

Gitte Pedersen is very clear about what role her parents played in the career choices that have led to the now 50-year-old Danish engineer and CEO to an office with a view of the Manhattan skyline as the co-founder and top chief of diagnostics company Genomic Expression.

“I come from a family in which everyone on my father’s side was an engineer or an entrepreneur, so somehow it’s probably in my DNA – and my mother was a first generation women’s rights activist. So there was never any doubt that I was going for a long education; I was just not quite sure about which field to get involved in. I have always been interested in science and I grew up with discussions about the nature of black holes over the dinner table, and at some point I hear about Novo Nordisk on the television,” she tells Medwatch, adding:

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