Bristol-Myers strikes deal with Danish university

US-based pharma giant Bristol-Myers Squibb continues to bank on the Danish life science sector and has now signed a partnership deal with the University of Copenhagen.

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Bristol-Myers Squibb is not content to “merely” use billions of its R&D budget in activities in Denmark. According to Danish business daily Berlingske Business, the corporation continues its love affair with the Scandinavian country.

BMS has entered into a new partnership with the University of Copenhagen and the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship aimed at educating students in the country in “medical entrepreneurship”. The overall aim is to teach students how to commercialize the research they conduct during their studies.

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BMS will foot the bill of the course and offers to fly in lecturers from its US headquarters in New York in this one of a kind collaboration – according to the daily, it is the first time ever that a major foreign corporation is funding a course at the university’s Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

The Dean of the faculty, Ulla Wewer, believes the new course will give students “a chance to relate to the real world they are about to become a part of”.

The head of Bristol-Myers’ Danish business, Anders Thelborg, is a member of the Danish government’s growth team for life science. He explains that the new collaboration came about following discussions in the team about how to make Denmark more competitive and able to attract foreign investment.

“You might say that our partnership with KU (University of Copenhagen, ed.) actually springs from the work we conduct in the growth team to ensure we become even better at strengthening relations between the academic world and the industry,” Anders Thelborg tells Berlingske Business.

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- translated by Martin Havtorn Petersen

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