Here is what Danish drug companies pay their workers

The average monthly salary in the private pharmaceutical industry in Denmark is DKK 57,109. Make the jump to find out which company pays the highest wages and learn how much the rest of the industry pays as well.

If you are in the pharmaceutical industry for the money you should move toward or stay in the private sector.

There are still vast differences in the salaries paid in the private industry, the public sector and in pharmacies, with the private sector paying the highest wages, according to industry organization Pharmadanmark’s recently published wage statistics for 2014.

A privately employed worker, not working in the pharmacy business, earns about DKK 10,000 more than a publicly employed worker on average and DKK 8,500 more than a pharmacy worker per month. The average salary in the private sector is DKK 57,109 monthly.

Other factors

“The comparison across the sectors is especially interesting for those looking to change from a job in one sector to one in the other,” Chairwoman Antje Marquardsen writes in a preface to the statistics, pointing out, however, that there are other factors to look at besides salary when negotiating the terms of an employment contract.

“No matter which sector you belong to, you have to bear in mind that a high wage is not the only thing to focus on. In addition to salary one should consider important factors like paid parental leave, an attractive holiday pay scheme, pension scheme, etc.”

Antje Marquardsen stresses that the wage level and the development in this in the private pharma sector is still among the best compared with other professions.

Low unemployment

“That’s undoubtedly due to the fact that unemployment among Pharmadanmark’s members is very low; in fact it is at the lowest level in several years. Consequently, the companies obviously have to pay competitive wages to secure the necessary skilled work force,” she says.

At the top of the private sector, the statistics reveal that CEOs are paid an average monthly salary of about DKK 105,000, while other executives bring in around DKK 88,000 per month and product manager earn in the range of DKK 69,000.

The company that paid the highest average wage in 2014 was Takeda Pharma (DKK 76,947), closely followed by MSD Denmark (DKK 72,970) and Pfizer Denmark (DKK 70,259).

You can find the full report here (in Danish).

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- translated by Martin Havtorn Petersen

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