Ferring executive becomes board member at biotech Snipr Biome

Per Falk, the Ferring Pharmaceuticals president, has joined the board of nascent Danish biotech Snipr Biome.

Ferring President Per Falk Photo: Ferring / PR

The Copenhagen-based biotech company Snipr Biome has up snatched a significant, international profile for its board.

Swedish Per Falk, who is the president of the Swiss pharmaceutical company Ferring, has joined the firm's board, shows the Danish Central Business Register (CVR).

Snipr Biome Co-Founder and CEO Christian Grøndahl is pleased with this.

"It's a major asset for us that he's joining us. Per Falk is exceptionally competent at what he does, and he's a pioneer within our area," says Grøndahl.

Snipr Biome is working on a new type of antibiotic, where the company uses the gene-editing technology Crispr to kill harmful bacteria without harming the beneficial bacteria in the process. In this way, the firm enters into the field of drugs targeted at the microbiome, which is the genetic material of all the microbes inside the body, and which is an area of research that Falk will be leading at Ferring.

Back in 2018, when Falk had just been named as the President at Ferring, he told MedWatch "The microbiome is a platform we strongly engage in."

"Per has worked with the great godfather of the microbiome Jeff Gordon, and he has kept track of the field for many years. He is a microbiome aficionado. He is certain a lot of value can be gained from the microbiome and that it plays a major part in our physiology and a long list of illnesses," says Grøndahl.

"Besides, he's a highly respected business executive, which makes it easier for us to reach out to major biotech and pharmaceutical companies, because of all the people that he meets as Ferring's President," Grøndahl adds.

Even though the President of one of the world's leading players in the microbiome area has now joined the Snipr Biome board, there's no impending collaboration in the works, according to Grøndahl.

"We're interested in collaborating with everyone, and if Ferring sees something interesting, it's definitely a possibility, but that's not why we wanted Per in the board. We wanted him as a person and as a business executive," Grøndahl states.

Snipr Biome went on the map in Denmark, when the company received DKK 320m (USD 51m) from four investors, which included the Lundbeck Foundation, in March 2019.

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