Experienced biotech people found new company and aim for phase I next year

The people behind Action Pharma and Synact have founded another biotech company to develop a new inflammation drug. The team has appointed Symphogen-founder Kirsten Drejer as chairman of the board and plans to initiate clinical trials already next year.

Lone Veng, CEO in Resother Pharma. | Foto: Resother Pharma

A new actor has entered the Danish biotech industry. Recently founded Resother Pharma has ambitious plans to make it to the very top with an experimental, innovative inflammation drug - and an experienced team is ready for the task.

"We have geared our organization, development plan and budget to show a positive phase II result, and we aim to achieve this within five years," says Lone Veng, CEO in Resother Pharma. She previously conducted research for Lundbeck and MSD and had different leadership positions in Leo Pharma and Clinical-Microbiomics.

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