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Sunstone-company issues shares for three-digit million sum

Swedish biotech firm Cantargia makes a directed share issue of SEK 106 million to finance further development of the company's lead candidate, an antibody treatment against two types of cancer. Sunstone Capital forebodes its exit from the company but takes its time.

Industry association on record medicine discounts: "We will certainly feel the impact"

The Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Lif), the government and the regional authorities have agreed on a new price ceiling that reduces the prices on hospital medicine by 12.5 percent. The reduction will happen gradually during a period of four years and according to Lif's CEO, it creates a much needed stability and predictability.

New CEO to realize medtech entrepreneurs' IPO dreams

The founders of Danish medtech firm Particle3D have appointed former Bioporto manager Thea Wulff Olesen as CEO for their company that develops 3D-printed bone implants. Her long experience is to turn the startup into a public company.

Hearing implant firm loses millions after losing exclusive distributor status

Danish hearing implant company Danaflex is no longer exclusive distributor of products from Australian hearing implant group Cochlear in Denmark. Instead, the company now has status as service provider, resulting in declined income and reduced profit. Nevertheless, the CEO is "more than satisfied" with the annual report.