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Demant launches new flagship product

Hearing aid giant Demant has new flagship product ready, which has been rumored to replace the success Oticon Opn. On Monday, the firm also announces new products in three of its other brands.

Genmab ditches drug candidate

The biotech firm genmab shelves cancer project which US J.P. Morgen predicted would have sales potential at USD 2bn per year.

Hearing aid giants position themselves within US sales channel using new products

The competition for the US sales channel Veteran Affairs is increasing, and in November, the three Danish hearing aid giants Demant, GN Hearing and WS Audiology have either launched new top products or improved existing ones in attempts to win market shares in this channel, which holds 20 percent of all hearing aid sales on the world's largest market.

Novo Nordisk cuts 450 positions in the US

Novo Nordisk cuts 450 positions in the US based on a desire to "ensure long-term sustainable growth on the US market". The exact amount of people being fired is still unclear.

Ambu ready for price war on market for single-use devices

Ambu faces increased competition as a new major player might be entering single-use endoscope market next year. CEO Juan Jose Gonzalez has an answer ready for the increasing competition, which is that of lowering the price of single-use endoscopes.

Irishwoman takes over EMA Executive Director position

Irishwoman Emer Cooke officially took up office as the executive director of the European Medicines Agency on Monday, and much is expected of her after 10 years with her predecessor Guido Rasi. A woman on the post and a modernized management style will take the EMA to a new era, according to some.