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Sweden adopts alternative measures to combat global antibiotics shortage

The declining amount of new antibiotics against multi-resistant bacteria has caused the Swedish government to test an alternative pricing model for procuring antibiotics, and this has brought three new products onto the Swedish market. The industry calls for similar models in other countries.

Biotech Meabco expands collaboration with US government

New study results for Meabco's treatment against radiation damage has generated so much attention from collaborative partners in the US government that the latter now intends to expand the deal with the Danish biotech company.

Astrazeneca still aiming for Covid vaccine by year-end, CEO says

Astrazeneca Chief Executive Officer Pascal Soriot said the coronavirus vaccine the company is developing with the University of Oxford could still be ready before the end of the year after pausing its trials due to a possible serious neurological problem in one patient.

Medicine millionaire and Widex heirs enter into new Danish arthritis firm

Nordic Bioscience Chairman Claus Christiansen and the families behind hearing aid company Widex have joined the owner group of a new Danish biotech firm, which has its eyes set on success with its new pharmaceutical hope for patients with osteoarthritis in the knee. "We view this as a very exciting and attractive investment".

Europe's cancer societies: The price of cancer medicine is untenable

The Danish Cancer Society takes the lead in a joint complaint from Europe's cancer associations to the EU and the pharmaceutical industry to ensure "fairer and more transparent" cancer medicine prices. Otherwise, people won't be able to afford medicine in the future, it states.