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ALK benefits from Mylan's Epipen woes

Mylan's present difficulties in delivering its adrenalin pen, Epipen, in Britain are benefiting the Danish, allergy-focused pharmaceutical company ALK, which has increased production of its own version of the product in order to meet increasing demand.

US withdrawal from Iran deal can hit Danish companies

The US's withdrawal from the Joint Plan of Action with Iran and the reimposition of sanctions can impact Danish pharmaceutical companies and medico firms, writes the Danish interest group Dansk Industri. Novo Nordisk, which has invested DKK 500 million (EUR 67 million) in Iran, awaits further developments.

AJ Vaccines upgrades for DKK 300 million

In order to ramp up production of its new polio vaccine, AJ Vaccines has invested DKK 300 million (EUR 40 million) in upgrading existing production facilities in Copenhagen.

Danish rehab sector grows despite challenges

A comprehensive sector analysis of the Danish rehab industry has been made for the first time ever. The analysis writes that the sector is growing but is also faced with challenges.

Genmab CEO on golden opportunity in the US: Janssen's forces can do it again

Genmab's partner Janssen is preparing to launch its new money maker, Darzalex, as an initial treatment for patients with bone marrow cancer. Darzalex met with FDA approval this week. However, the big breakthrough in the US will arrive at a later time. According to Genmab's CEO, Janssen is already preparing its strategy.

When IBM's supercomputer beat the US Jeopardy champions it changed the game

There is an enormous potential for implementing artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry, where everything from drug development to general health care can be significantly improved. A professor points out that it may bring in new investors and and create new and different work places. IMB's artificial intelligence, Watson, showed the way.

Cost cuts affect Danish Medicines Agency

Lack of payments from a now bankrupt pharmaceutical company and the insecurity about the consequences of Brexit cause financial strain in the Danish Medicines Agency, which as a consequence must make savings. Management cannot reject layoffs, but hopes to achieve the goal in a different way.

Ferring pulls the plug on drug hope just before phase 3

Ferring has scrapped a drug against septic shock that was developed through the company's Danish research center, which was about to begin phase 3 studies. That is how the industry is, says Ferring's Vice President in Denmark, who is now looking at drugs for fertility and pregnancy.

GN CEO: "The VA channel is a guerrilla war from house to house"

Competition is becoming tougher in the public US sales channel Veteran Affairs, and this is something that is being noticed at GN Hearing, which despite a recent launch of top products in the channel has not seen any noteworthy changes in market share. "We have become a downright target for our competition," explains the CEO.

Pharma giants agree: Clinical research in Denmark is too expensive

The Danish divisions at a number of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies now join in on Roche's recent criticism of the conditions for conducting clinical research in Denmark. "I think that the pharmaceutical industry in Denmark knows that we are working hard to create the best conditions," responds Danish Minister Ellen Trane Nørby.

Large differences in transparency on collaborations between industry and physicians

In several EU countries there is a lack of transparency when it comes to financial transactions between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare personnel, shows new study. In Denmark, special regulations have ensured full transparency on collaborations, but studies have shown that industry fees in Denmark influence physicians' prescription of medicine.

Pharmaceutical giant: Outcome-based drug pricing is becoming more widespread

Healthcare system and payers will increasingly seek agreements with pharmaceutical companies, where the price of the drugs follow treatment results. The prediction comes from one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, which has already made an agreement where the price and the effect of its Victoza-competitor will be compared directly with the Danish drug.

Roche appoints new Chairman for Danish research center

The pharmaceutical company Roche has found the replacement for the position as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen after John C. Reed resigned from the position recently. The new chairman comes from within the company.

New attack on clinical research in Denmark: It is way too expensive

Even though the fees for clinical research have been lowered, it is still so expensive to conduct studies on new drugs in Denmark that it threatens future studies according to several representatives from the industry. Danish Regions believes that the industry should accept its share of the payment.

Former Uber executive: "We are at a true juncture in healthcare"

There could be major changes underway in the global healthcare industry, according to a former Uber executive who has joined the board of one the companies that could bring about these changes. "I think the world's next game-changing healthcare companies are being built right now," he says in an interview with MedWatch.

Coloplast wants to increase market share with tailored ostomy pouches

Coloplast has launched a new ostomy pouch, which is designed for stomachs with hernias or a little extra fat. It is the latest launch in the medico company's venture in ostomy pouches for specific body types that will increase market share. But according to analyst, competitors might spoil the party.

Former Bavarian CFO: "Bioporto stuck out among the offers"

Ole Larsen has accepted an offer of becoming CFO in the diagnostics company Bioporto and will therefore leave his position as CFO at Bavarian Nordic. He considered going abroad but was convinced by the growth adventure that BioPorto hopes to embark on soon with an FDA approval.