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Dementia researchers downplay Novo announcement: Let us see some data

Two of the country's leading researchers in dementia and Alzheimer's disease have been critical about the two announcements from Novo Nordisk about a possible breakthrough within Alzheimer's. It is a premature announcement, and Novo Nordisk hasn't presented concete data, they say. "I wouldn't give it too much weight," says consultant and professor Steen Gregers Hasselbach.

Hunt for CEO came up short: Medtech company promotes scientific director

Funen-based RSP Systems has been unable to attract a new CEO, despite a thorough search. This has been going on since last summer, and now the scientific director has stepped up instead. "Not the ideal solution," the man himself says, as he will now have to lead the launch of a blood sugar monitor and a capital raise.

This medical company has the biggest wages

There are huge differences in wages within the life science industry, the figures from Pharmadanmark's yearly wage statistics show. One pharmaceutical company in particular stands out for having more lucrative wages than average.