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Company changes name to avoid confusion and attract investors

Although Danish life science company Medtrace already secured itself DKK 100 million (USD 15.21 million) from investors, the company's upcoming phase III trial is not fully financed yet. To avoid misunderstandings among potential investors, the firm now changes its name.

Minervax receives million-funding for new trial

Novo Holding's Repair Impact Fund has awarded Danish vaccine company Minervax more than DKK 30 million (USD 4.57 million) for a new phase I trial. The company also received extra funding from Sunstone Capital.

Danish authorities contemplate national guide to health apps

The Danish Health Data Authority and the Ministry of Health have investigated the opportunities and need for a list of recommended health apps. The Danish medtech industry association, Medicoindustrien, follows the initiative closely but considers further regulations unnecessary.

Employee fired after deceiving medtech company and hospital

Danish Slagelse Hospital and medtech company Timedico feel duped by a person, who was first employed at the hospital without documentation for his qualifications and then created uncertainty among the medtech company's customers. The person has now been fired from the hospital.

Hearing industry supplier after capital injection: We needed new blood

Danish investment partnership Executive Capital is the new owner of Estron that supplies the world's largest hearing aid groups with components. The capital injection paves the way for a more aggressive market strategy and more investment in, for instance, product development. "We become more willing to take a risk. We want to and dare to do more," says Estron's CEO.

Danish CEO aims to raise millions for US biotech startup

Bo Rode Hansen, CEO in US-based Genevant Sciences, is finishing the preparations for a financing round that is to bring in about USD 100 million for the company. At the same time, the Danish RNA pioneer expands the company's management.