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Benny Bang is the man behind Brintellix

Last week, Benny Bang-Andersen was named honorary Professor at the University of Copenhagen. The Lundbeck scientist spoke to MedWatch about the satisfaction of having discovered a drug poised to generate billions for his employer.

Aamund: We have reached the pearly gates

Founder, major shareholder and former Chairman in Bavarian Nordic, Asger Aamund, calls it a “happy day”, although Wednesday’s licensing pact with J&J was expected. And he admits that it gives him a sense of satisfaction to see so many people be wrong about the Danish biotech company.

Rebien: Novo-workers contribute or they are cast out

An employee’s level of commitment can be affected by circumstances in the family, such as disease – and the company should be sensitive to that. But if people are down-right uncommitted, the corporate culture is so strong that it will gradually expel them. Lars Rebien, at the peak of his career, spoke to Medwatch about the unique Novo spirit, about failing politicians, and about growing softer.