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Health Innovation Institute: Enormous potential in health data

Never have the opportunities to use data as a tool for securing the optimal communication about drugs’ potentials, price structures, and effects been better. But if citizens and the health system are to gain the maximal benefit from the products, they should be correctly positioned. And according to Claus Rehfeld from Health Innovation Institute, the life science industry must prove equal to the task.

Novo Nordisk hires new general manager in Denmark

Novo Nordisk has found the new head of the business in Denmark and Iceland in the drug group’s European unit that was previously based in Switzerland. At the same time, the new general manager enters the board of the Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Lif).

Leo presents new strategy: doubles research investment

Leo Pharma’s strategy for the next seven years is ready and it involves a massive upgrade of the research in well-known as well as new disease areas. However, this also means decreasing financial results for the company in the years to come.

Danish EU body plans for upgrade despite lacking certification

After the new medtech regulation in 2020, Denmark’s only EU notified body for CE marking of diagnostic devices, will no longer be certified. Nevertheless, the mother organization is planning an upgrade in Denmark to meet the pressure from the new EU rules.

Nuevolution wins another round of patent dispute with former CSO

The High Court of Eastern Denmark has reversed a decision in Nuevolution’s patent dispute with the company’s founder Henrik Pedersen. The case now returns to the Maritime and Commercial High Court and most likely, years of legal disputes are lying ahead.

Novo chief on approval of prize asset: Probably the biggest achievement

The approval of Novo Nordisk’s GLP-1 analogue Ozempic is probably “the biggest” achievement for chief science officer (CSO) Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen during his 26 years in the Danish diabetes group. He is happy that the company now possesses the two best products of the drug class.

World’s biggest insulin producer to ensure success for Novo’s new bet

For almost 50 years, Novo Nordisk’s production facilities have been based in Kalundborg and today, the factory accounts for half of the world’s production of insulin. Moreover, it plays a special part in the distribution of another type of drugs that Novo has spent enormous resources developing. MedWatch brings you behind the scenes of “the world’s largest insulin manufacturer” in terms of production volume.

IBM: Data access creates a whole new situation in the healthcare sector

The healthcare sector of the future will be designed to generate and utilize the most accessible knowledge for every patient, health professional, and company. This is according to IBM Nordic that provides the life science industry with advanced data analysis, cloud-solutions, and cognitive technology.

Roche at odds with ENLI in illegal marketing-case

The Ethical Committee for the Pharmaceutical Industry has fined Roche’s Danish unit for breaking the committee’s rules for drug commercials directed at healthcare personnel. Roche questions the sentence but refrains from appealing against the decision. “We have noticed the decision,” says Roche’s Head of Communication.

Sunstone increases share in Swedish biotech company

The Swedish biotech company Cantagia issues new shares for SEK 232 million (USD 27.71 million) and the major investor Sunstone Capital takes the opportunity to increase its investments in the company that aims for going public on Nasdaq Stockholm in 2018.

Debt-laden biotech company struggles to survive

A Danish biotech company is pursuing new investors while trying to agree terms with Novo Seeds about a million-dollar debt to the investment company. “Looking back, we made some decisions we should have made differently,” admits the CEO.

Danish company reaps the fruits of NASH interest

The contract research- and biotech company Gubra benefits from the pharma industry’s interest in the fat liver disease NASH. The interest has caused a boom in employment as well as turnover for the Danish company.

Danish pharma companies ready for new personal data regulations

The Danish pharmaceutical industry is well prepared for next year in May, when EU tightens the rules of personal data protection. The industry then contrasts with the rest of the corporate sector that has not yet considered the possibly most pervasive change of the rules in recent years.

Here is Novo Nordisk’s strategy for the future

Novo Nordisk has made a plan for the future growth in different branches of the business. The plan includes focus on the traditional core as well as new areas. Moreover, the Danish company has intensified the pursuit of possible acquisitions.

2curex CEO after IPO: ”It’s pretty crazy”

For the first time, 2curex’s shares have been traded on the Nasdaq First North in Stockholm and the IPO brings new opportunities to the Danish company that was founded in a basement 11 years ago.

Rebien despite EMA disappointment: ”We can be happy”

Though Denmark’s special envoy, Lars Rebien Sørensen, is disappointed that EMA will not move to Copenhagen, he is happy that the Danish capital is now back on the map as a competent life science hub. And, unlike the Danish government, he does not blame the Swedes.