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Rasmussen outperforms Rebien

lars_rasmussen_223761e.jpg Top picks in English:

A new survey ranks 50 Danish CEOs on parameters such as popularity and credibility. For the first year ever, Novo Nordisk CEO Lars Rebien has been dethroned and forced to give up the top slot to Lars Rasmussen from Coloplast. Read on to see how all of the Danish life science executives rank.

ALK in house dust mite-drive in China

Jens Bager02 - Kreditering Carsten Bundgaard.JPG Top picks in English:

ALK approaches the market with a treatment for the most commercially important allergi. The company’s pill against house dust mite allergy could be launched in EU and Japan in 2015, with the US market following in 2016, and the first step toward the massive Chinese market has just been taken, says ALK’s top chief.

Zealand: Betting on more than a dream

20593149 - 27_10_2010 - David H. Solomon fra Zealand Pharma - HOUGAARD NIELS.jpg Top picks in English:

All beginnings are difficult and the sales numbers for Zealand Pharma’s diabetes drug Lyxumia for 2013 reflect that notion. But the company has launched a drug that is bound to become a blockbuster and the company is now betting on more than a hope or a dream, CEO David Solomon points out.

Novo, Lundbeck and Leo defend vilified sales methods

One of the world’s biggest pharma players has shelved its sternly criticized sales methods to avoid having its integrity questioned due to unethical financial incentives, which could ultimately prove harmful to patients. But Novo Nordisk, Lundbeck and Leo Pharma are standing up for those very same methods.